3 reason why men enjoy jerking off.

Let’s be honest a real man understands the important of a quick jerk off . I can safely say that from where I came from, if you weren’t doing it, you had a friend in palmaler. There are many reasons why men enjoy jerking off. Here are 3 every man can attest to.  

As decades went we moved from the visual representation of magazines to xxx videos. We come so far as to seeing these visual representation in vr. It’s so realistic and as a man who enjoys the nude representation of a woman this takes the pie. You can spend hours just enjoying the beauty of females limbs without being a creep. From the point of her making the video to the point you find the video on the website, it gives you the consent you need to enjoy the video. 

2. Hand free gadgets that make the quickie more realistic. 

As technology advances we are finding more and more devices that help us release our wastes faster leaving  us with a more realistic feel. We feel lighter  and faster in our feet’s after the release with these gadgets. The love for the these gadgets have grown in many people as they have seen enormous changes in their girth and length of their genitalia. These gadgets have also helped reduce the energy used by these individuals making the process more enjoyable. 

3. Appreciation for the genitals 

As you grow, you notice some changes in your body. Changes that you have no control over. These changes can either make you have your body or give you an appreciation of your body. It comes as no secret that men appreciate these changes and tend to want a feel for it. 

I can safely say that when I take the time and appreciate my body and feel every inch of it, this can be as simple as applying lotion. I grow more fond of my growth and expect more growth in the years to come.