Ame-riCan Rage 


"Thats it captain, I'm setting sail on this journey. My boat will have to surface soon as i wash past the whales and tortle. No, there will will not be any sea lions in my journey, for i have not what to feed them." These  were my Thoughts as i staired  on  this blank canvas for a mere 20 minutes. I have no hate for what is set before me but I do feel that sea lions need a new set of evolutions. The historical length of their teeth changing over time doesn't do it for me. All fish For that case need a new set of evolution. The whole " fish never moves backwords" won't cut it for me. I need a body transformation for the fish species. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DORY, Bless her sweet heart. 

ame -rican  rage 

As I stroll through the busy street of this god-forsaken city,  all I can think is eww. I know, why hate on this breezy winter morning?  The government that's why. why does it always have people work on the sewers? The smell, my god, the smell. As clear as I can put it. Put a lid on it. only the teenage mutant ninja turtles can live in these circumstances. I..HAVE HAD ENOUGH.  What separates us from the animals is our senses. why do i/we have to leave with this kind of smell every day? fine let's put a law out, once a month. the public works should work on the sewers once a month.  thank you and lord bless America