This script is long to be posted for the world to see. 'HOLD ON" might be the hardest and most research based script i have ever written. It stars Adam, an American young adult that doesnt seem to know what to do with his life. His escape from reality is Sanje. Sanje is an indian American. To his two doctor parents, Sanje is a disgrace. 

On the stroll from their ernest's house, sanje points out a  smoky nissan altima that hit a tree. both get closer to the car and finally see Samath. Samatha yells out for her purse which holds a glommy rock that exerts light. sanje passes the purse to adam who then gives it to samtha. she holds it so dearly and says she doesnt want to go to the hospital.  With out any knowledge of her prior conflict and background, Adam gives her a place to stay.

 By daybreak, sanje and Adam experience abnormalities from their skin, bones all the way to their strengths. These abnormalities change their lives and the two connect even more. These new abilities and changes also bring drama and conflit in their lives testing their relationship. it all too exciting as we watch these three characters gain more strength and control to fight off Lugenter. An underground war lord seeking strengths and the  power to leap in to the forrest de floral