"Hold on" Summary  script


The grounds I covered can be traced in my imagination. 

Scene I  


Hold on.  

Act i 

Starts  In forest de floral,  


Guard with 2 wild pigs go around junction forest looking for samatha.  

The wild pigs pull away from the guard and in into the trees  where samatha gets bitten before stricking the pigs with her claws  and killing both with a strike to the eyes  


Samatha then leaps accidentally into a different  Realm. The shift causes the ground to bust creating a whole in the middle of the street 


Act ii 

On their walk from earnest's Apartment, adam and sanje see the blast and rush to feed their curiosity.  


The find samtha weak and unconscious with a huge dark pore on her hand in the middle of the street.  


The two dicuss on whether they should help her  


Samatha gasps for air 



Act iii 

Adam’s touch wakes her .  

The share two short sentences. 

She asks that nobody else sees her. 

Adam offers his room. 


Sanje helps to get her up. 


Adam get in the back seat of  sanje’s car with samtha  



End of scene 1. 



Scene 2 starts with a new face  

Act i 

Lugenta an african american who has an obsession with plants and collects sords.  


Lugents  see a shift in his compass  


His curiosity grows even more  


He follow the energy reading  



Act ii 


Finds a big  hole  on the street  


Police cover the area with tape  


Lugenta knows what made that hole on the street  


He follows his guts involves his dog  


Based on his research and testing  


Lugenta know that smell forest de floral gives off  


With the help of the dog  lugenta follows the grounds that samatha, adam and sanje covered  




Act iii  


Flash back of lugenta In forest de floral at the age of 7  


The leap occurred as a car accident. 


Lugenta, his uncle and mom were driving to a distant land  


Someone appeared on the road. 


The uncle spins the sterring wheel to avoid an accident. Bring them to collision  with a tree  


Affter the family regains consciousness and exsiting the vehicle.  


They introduced to a new land with beauty. 


In a flash that seemed to be in seconds, 


Lugenta is woken up by the police  


Family dead, lugenta is forced to live with his auntie 

scene ii

act i 

lugenta is back in his appartment grabs a silve sword and his dog whiskers 

both leave the house after whiskers gets a sniff of what lugeta is looking for 

on their way they encounter the one wild pigs and and the guard

in shock the dog jumps up n  attacks the pig

lugenta attacks it with his sword

in the battle lugenta and whiskers get the victory 

far from the scene is the guard 

he sees whats going on leaps for his escape

act ii

both run after the guard who leaps back to forest de floral 

lugenta and whiskers follow

in forest de floral  before the weapon less guard can make another move whisker attacks from behind 

lugenta follows with a strick with his sword cutting off the guards neck.

lugenta grabs the body and drags it into the trees 

lugets experiences some change in his nails and speed of his body following his bit from the pig 

sped up clips of lugenta and samatha adapting to the their new lands and their new bodies.