3 reasons why men's desire for women is fading.

The honest truth about the digital world is that man has lost interest in romance and its joys.  They rather spemd their free time on VGs or the internet.  The joys of meeting in a cafe, enjoying a cup of coffee is no longer an option for our genration. The romance, the game of getting to knoiw each other has been replace with "smash or pass" leaving a great number of the romantics in solo domes.  Those that get gunplay have also lost interest in the game of "smash or pass". Women now want to know why they are losing suitors. Listed are 3 reasons we think men's desire for women is fading.

In recent discovery, 70% of females go out on a friday night. This number includes the number of females that go out with their partners. Of this number, 25% were married couples. In a world of sexual freedom, it's hard to trust a woman that goes out. Men feel threatened by a woman's independence. This is why they choose a life of loneliness. 

2. Time. 

For romance to occour, lovers have to first have interest in one another, second they have to put in the the time to talk and lastly they have to want to tire the knut. As the decades past us, men gained interest in their careers more and more. Every second they had, they put it  in their careers leaving no room for romance. It will most likely  get worse before it gets better. 

3. Woman prolong the  conversation. 

It's no secret that women love talking. Not even the best listener can bear a talkative woman. It just becomes too much for anyone's ear. A silent woman can keep a man on his toes..