3 things my virginity has cost me. 

I’m at an age of self awareness by that i mean im in my 20s and one of the few things I’ve noticed is how my virginity has impacted my life all around. Starting with movement ending with the some of my senses, my virginity has been an obstacle that I was an able to see. Let’s call it my demon. 

Having a similar understanding on anything is key in any and everything. My virginity has led me to  little word awareness. Unlike every individual on this planet, I luck the shared understanding of word and feeling. I’m left to have assumptions on every matter. 

2. Friendship

With assumption on the way, it’s been hard to keep a friendship for more than a decade.  I’m not saying that my Virginity has cost me friends by hindering my appreciation for other individuals and their diverse thought. What I’m saying is that my inability to have a clear say on what their feelings are towards me has led me to leave them behind. I’m not blaming the few individuals I met during my time on this earth but I’m blaming my virginity for not letting me see the importance of these individuals and their inflictions in my life. 

3. Joy

To end this segment, I would like to say. Although joy is made by the appreciation of smaller things, I lost mine when I found out what my virginity was keeping me away from. 

Let me fall into an endless hole of Sadness.