i watched " THE HATE YOU GIVE" so don't classify me as a racist. 

The movie was flat, there was no build in the characters. YES,  the characters were pleasing to the eyes much unlike the reality of the  real life game players. Do not criticize me for calling the black man a game player. It's just a catchy term I thought would best fit this case. Again, me calling this a case doesn't subjectively imply that all black men have cases or issues with the law as suggested in the movie.  we are merely sim characters, so giving assumptions about a lifestyle only makes that a reality for the most part. 

 The movie giving a tone to black men that are from the ghetto and " apperently' slengs dope" is  a reawaken to the america as a whole. Not every thing in american is commercial  buildings and fancy cars. deep, deep down there, in America, there is a rotten part that we dont get to see in the television screens. Yes, slenging dope  might be the easy route for the ordinary black american but the consequences as shown in the movie have drastic results. i like to think of them as NWAs. uh ha, yes, Like the rap group. Mainly because they have a resting attitude. back to the movie shedding light on the streets that a black man lives in. I hate to be like this but as an adult with hopes of having kids, i too surrender to the blues. Yes,  they are  given too much power which they missuse at times  but i wish for a safe environment for my kids. Free from guns and drugs. To a freer and safer America.