3 things a man looks for in a woman. 

I fell countless times never getting the support I needed to get up. From my first fall, getting up became easier and easier. I just hoped someone out there with a soft hand could hold me down. As a man, we tend to need soft tenderness without all the expression in words. A soft hand that's not too possessive and not too far when need be. I know, I know, that's asking too much. Just be there often but not too often. When he needs you but don't let it conflict with your responsibilities. You'll see his desire towards you increases  

A Man looks for a giving woman. Share your home with him. When i say home i dont mean just your house, i mean everything that makes up a home. It can be as simple as sharing details about your life. Being open with him, sharing every detail about your life can also be to much. So try to keep him informed about the things he need's to know in your life, rest of the time talk about him. It's  like always reading his mind. Know what he wants and needs so you can always be there to give it to him. Remember part of growing up in a relationship is sharing all parts of you. Even the parts you hold so dearly.

In case you're in a relationship, there's one thing you should note. A gentle man is not fond of conflict. Naturally,they lose all thoughts severed to their heads and won't have a response to the argument. They'll be so quick to despise you, mid argument they'll walk away.. so your best bet is to find a soft approach to the touchy topic. Shade some light on what's bothering you in a relationship is always the best way to keep a relationship going. Give it a go, tell him how you feel and dont forget to mention you don't want to lose him. WoRst case he walks out.