Discrimination in Black Historical Colleges like Howard and Morehouse

Discrimination in Howard and Morehouse. 

To my suprise the discremination in this self acclaimed black colleges isnt against the black man. instead, the white community in these colleges feel left out and crutuelly racialally discriminated against. STUDENTS are going so far as to Saying non of the activities and curriculiams share a relatable ground. The schools erge the students to share the common passion of the history of the black man in america. After a quick delibarations, most of these students left the schools. leaving the school with more dropout rates. Howard alone has a drop out rate of 38% every year. 

 As the dropout rates have increased in the US. We are left to wonder, Whats causing these drop outs?


America like all the Western countries suffers from the racial unjust supremacy led by the MAN. Who is the man you ask? The man  is the leader of all supremacy and dictataship. First, let me introduce you to racial discrimination in colleges and universities all over the US.Before i dive in, i'll have you know,  i have no hate and havent exprienced  raical hate in my life, expect no bias in this. 

racial discrimination simply put is the hate given to the minority race. This race can be one of light color or one of dark features. As time passes us by, we can only look back at our history and laugh. We cant imagine the pain inflicted on the lesser communities nor can we live in their shoes. But what we can do is acknowledge the pain and hate given to these people. Racial discrimination first rose to my light the year 2016. The presidental elections was at it fuming best when fromer president Trump publicly announced his hate of the black man to the nation. The agreance he recieved left me to the Awe. 

As the election was firing up, students all over the US were showing their unexpected passion for the electorial chair. Clushes between the far right students and the far left students were seen, leaving the unexpected expense of friendships. Howard on the matter of voters, took an initiative to navigate and register all its students for the 2016 election. With over 96% of its students expected to vote for the democrat, Hillery clinton. Students were excited for a new regem led by a woman. THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT.  You can understand the aggervation these highly passionate students mustve had as the results came in. How and what is expected of these proclaimed leaders of a free tomorrow.